Week 3 Late Game Picks

LA Chargers @ LA Rams -7

The battle for LA occurs this weekend for the first time since both of these franchises moved there. The Rams come in as heavy favorites after making easy work of the Cardinals last week 34-0. The Chargers traveled east and played at Buffalo in one of early games and won and covered pretty easily as well. Both of these teams looked great last week, playing against the two teams considered to be the wort right now. In week 1 the Rams blew out the Raiders on Monday night so their success is on the forefront of the public’s mind. There is no real home field advantage with both teams playing in LA and neither having very loyal fanbases. The Chargers are also without their top pass rusher Joey Bosa who is a huge part of that defense when healthy. These combined factors are why the Rams are a 7 point favorite. I think that line is way too high. The Rams have looked great but they have not played any good teams. The Chargers lost in week 1 to the Chiefs but they out-gained them had more time of possession and more first downs. The Chiefs were able to take advantage of good field position after turnovers and got a quick start to the game with a Tyreek Hill punt return TD. Other than that the Chargers did pretty well to keep their offense in check. The Chargers have a much more dynamic offense than any team the Rams have seen so far. The Rams have a great secondary but they allowed Jared Cook to gain 180 yards on 9 catches. I think the Chargers can take advantage of the holes in the middle of the Rams defense with their array of offensive weapons. This could mean a big game for Antonio Gates and Melvin Gordon out of the backfield. Jared Goff has played well but has had the comfort of playing with a lead other than for one drive to start the game in Oakland. I can see the Chargers getting out to an early lead here and I’m not sure Goff will be able to make the plays to bring the Rams back to cover a 7 point spread. The Chargers always play teams close so 7 points is a lot to give up in a game that is basically a home game. Even if the stadium is 100% filled with Rams fans (it won’t be) there is no wear and tear of travel on any of the players. I am taking the Chargers and the points.


Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks -1.5

This Seahawks are 0-2 and coming off a loss on Monday night to the Bears. They did not look good in this loss or in their week 1 loss to the Broncos. They are playing their first game at home where they have always had a considerable home field advantage. The home field advantage and the fact that this week is essentially the Seahawks season is why they find themselves favored in this game. The Cowboys won on Sunday night and looked pretty good doing so. Their running game was working well the Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott and their defense was able to get to Eli Manning for six sacks. The Seahawks offensive line has looked terrible in both weeks with Russell Wilson being sacked six times in each game. They now face a Dallas team whose strength on defense is their defensive line. There is just no way I can see the Seahawks winning this game. I think this one will be easy for Dallas. The public is giving the Seahawks the benefit of the doubt that they will get it together at home. I don’t think they will. I see the Cowboys winning this game. Like John Madden used to say in Madden, “If you can run the ball and stop the run you’ll have a good chance of winning the game”. Not only do the Cowboys do those things well but the Seahawks do not run the ball well or stop the run well. They will also be missing linebacker KJ Wright and receiver Doug Baldwin due to injury. It might be a close game but there is no way I can see the Seahawks winning this game. My pick is Dallas.


The Picks:

LA Chargers +7

Dallas Cowboys +1.5

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