Week 3 NFL Lock

There is one game this week that is a glaring miss by the bookmakers in Las Vegas. These do not come around very often. This is a game where the team that is favored will win big. A game that you can bet as much as you want on the first half or full game and you will not have to worry or sweat once. This game is a dream for all gamblers and only coms around once in a while. I may not be more confident in a game for the rest of this season. After writing this I am putting as much money as I can on this game. The pick I am talking about is the Dolphins.

The Dolphins are 3 point favorites at home against the Raiders. The Raiders lost by 1 last week as 7 point underdogs. They looked terrible in week 1 and showed a little bit more fight last week. After losing in such a heart breaking way I do not see them being able to travel to Miami to play the early game and win. Oakland to Miami is probably the furthest a team has to travel to play a game other than the London games.  West coast teams traditionally do not play well in these early games on the east coast either. This is a game I see Oakland falling behind early and often. After dealing with the altitude in Denver, they will be too fatigued to deal with the humidity in Miami. This is going to be an ugly game for the Raiders.

The Dolphins come into this game at 2-0 and have looked pretty good so far. Their offense has been able to move the ball well behind an efficient run game and their defense has been very good. They have not played the best competition and will get a better test from Oakland but I think they will be able to take advantage of the Raiders fatigue. The Broncos started moving the ball very well last week in the second half when their offense started to play with a little bit more tempo. Adam Gase is a good coach (much better than Gruden) and I can see him starting the game with this kind of tempo to put the Raiders behind early and often. This is a game that can get away from the Raiders and make the Dolphins look unstoppable. I think they will come back down to Earth next week against the Patriots but for this week the Dolphins will look amazing. This will be the easiest bet of the year. Lock it up.


Lock of the Week:

Dolphins -3

Dolphins 1H -2.5

Seriously put everything you can on this game.

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