Give Thanks to the Gambling Gods

I’m starting to write this before halftime because the Browns haven’t even looked decent. So far they have had a punt blocked and Isaiah Crowell has run for two TDs. I picked the Browns -3 before the game but in between writing and betting the game something happened. Now before anyone accuses me of not being a real gambler, I always write before I bet. It helps me think through the reasons why it makes sense or doesn’t make sense to bet on a team Anyways I had to make a deposit into my betting account online to bet this game. For whatever reason my deposit was not accepted and I now have to wait 24 hours before I can deposit again. So I was never able to put my bet in for this game.

So I’m feeling pretty lucky so far. Not every gambler is superstitious but they are a little stitous. This may be setting up for what I believe is going to be a wonderful weekend. Sometimes the gambling gods help you out so this is one of those times. I was unable to get my deposit in and will not be able to bet until this weekend. This is the gambling gods way of saving me from being in a hole going into the weekend. They knew my picks for this weekend would be tremendous and they gave me a mulligan with my one bad pick. Thank you gambling gods. You are very merciful and I shall worship you until my days end.




If the game ends with the Browns covering, well that is the usual karma the gambling gods give me. When I can not get a bet in they are usually winners what seems like 100% of the time. This is just my pre-half time hot take. Just a dive inside the mind of a gambler.

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