Looking Ahead to Week 3

Before week 2 is played let’s take a quick look at what teams are doing next week to get ready.


NY Jets @ Cleveland Browns

In the preseason I said that if Hue Jackson was 0-2 going into this game and lost he would be fired. The Browns started week 1 with a tie and the Jets looked dominant in week 1. If the Jets and the Browns both lose this week the line will probably be Jets -3. I have the Browns covering the spread but if they end up winning this game they will be favored coming home to play the Jets. No matter what ends up happening this week I will probably take the first half under.


NO Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons beat the Saints last year only after injuring Alvin Kamara. I don’t think the Falcons are good. No matter what happens this week I see the Saints winning this by a TD or more.


SF 49ers @ KC Chiefs

This will be a tough test for Jimmy Garoppolo as KC is known for being one of the loudest stadiums and this will be their home opener. What should help Jimmy G out is that KCs defense is terrible. This game will have a high total and I see it going over.


Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins

This game is gross. With that said I like the Dolphins. I would like the first half under but the Raiders terrible defense scares me.


Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings

This game has gotta be at least -13 unless Josh Allen brings us a brand new offense against the Chargers this weekend. The Bills are really bad this year and this game could get ugly.


Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia Eagles

I have the Eagles winning this weekend and they’ll win here too. Their swag of being champs has not wore off. Indy will probably be 0-2 and the Eagles will be anywhere between 4-6 point favorites.


Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins

The Redskins will probably be 2-0 but if Aaron Rodgers is playing they will find themselves underdogs. This game could go over but it does not intrigue me. I will probably pass.


Cincinnati Bengals @ Carolina Panthers

Everyone is very high on the Bengals this year especially after that Thursday game and everyone is low on the Panthers. I feel the opposite way on both sides. I expect the Panthers to win outright as slight home dogs.


Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

These AFC South games are tough. I will probably be out on this one entirely.


Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens

I see the Broncos winning this weekend and being slightly favored on the road and I see them losing to the Ravens in this game. The Ravens defense should be much better at home and the Broncos will not have the advantage of the altitude.


NY Giants @ Houston Texans

The Giants are playing their second game in a row in Texas. I see this game being kind of ugly. First half or full game under territory.


LA Chargers @ LA Rams

The battle for LA. I see the public going over the total here. I think this game will be highly contested and unpredictable. I like the first half under already. The game may go over but I think it will start slow.


Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinals

Before the season started I saw this as a game the Cardinals win outright. It could still happen at home but they will need a lot of help from their offensive line. If the Cardinals don’t cover this week they could find themselves home underdogs by 6 point or more if the Bears win. The Bears will be coming off a short week playing on the road. This is a game they could get trapped. Also I like the first half under.


Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks.

Gross. Both of these teams suck in my humblest opinion. The Seahawks are finally coming home for this game and will have the benefit of their crowd. After the way Dallas played week 1 I can actually see the Seahawks maybe pulling this one out. I think both teams will be 0-2 going into it. I can see this game going over also.


New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions

For me, this game it all comes down to how the Lions play this week. I have them covering and winning outright at San Francisco. I don’t believe the talk about them not liking their coach and I think the Lions will stop that after this week. However if they do not and they look terrible again than the spread for this game maybe -15 by kickoff. If the Lions win than it will be probably around -6. You know this is a game both coaches want and it will be interesting nonetheless. What will Matt Patricia do to try to fool Tom Brady? You have to think he has some kind of defense stored away that Brady has not seen. If not then it could be a long day for the Lions defense.


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I see the Steelers winning this week and the Bucs losing. The Steelers will probably be somewhere around 4.5 point favorites. If Big Ben is healthy I see them covering and I see this game going over. There will probably be more Steelers fans than Bucs fans in the stands.

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