Bonus Week 2 Moneyline Parlay

I want to start by saying I normally would not give a parlay pick out. The lure of a parlay comes from the big payday. I prefer just taking games one by one as I see it as a much safer investment. If I go 5-1 on my picks I am doing well, but if those picks are on a parlay I lose. With that being said there is one parlay that is very intriguing to me.


The reason I like this pick is because it includes two teams I am very confident will come out this weekend with outright wins. Those teams are the Philadelphia Eagles and the Denver Broncos. Right now the Eagles are listed as -175 on the moneyline and the Broncos are -260. Both teams are pretty heavy favorites. Parlaying those picks together pays out +117. I feel like I am stealing. Like when are the bookmakers going to bust down my door and take me away. This pick is like literal gold. There is no chance either of these teams lose this week. None. I think they may have the two highest margins of victory. The only reason this parlay is possible is because the Bucs won last week. Had they lost they would probably be double digit underdogs and the Eagles would be priced around -260 as well. In that case this would not even be possible. So thank you to the Saints for looking so bad that they actually made the Buccaneers look good. Without that happening this pick would not be possible.


If you want to read why I like these teams you can here and here. This is perfect for anyone that wants to just relax on Sunday. Make a simple bet, watch the games, and then watch the money roll in. If I had a house I would sell it and put every last cent on this parlay. Do it quickly before the prices go up!


The Pick:

Eagles -175/Broncos -260

payout +117

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