Week 1 Picks Recap

Here is a recap of all my picks, how the games turned out and any quick thoughts I have.

Eagles -1 WIN

Eagles 1H PK LOSS

The Eagles got the job done in the second half and came out with a win. Their pass-rush looked great and Matt Ryan looked terrible.

Broncos -3 PUSH

Broncos 1H -1.5 WIN

This game never really felt in doubt. Even when the Seahawks took the lead late, the Broncos marched right back down and scored. It is a shame they could not extend their lead to cover the spread.

Titans Dolphins 1H Under 22.5 WIN

This only difficulty here was with a 2 hour weather delay right before the end of first half with the score 7-3.

Steelers -4 LOSS

Plenty of chances to win this game and they did not. Very disappointing start to the year for the Steelers

Bengals Colts Over 47.5 WIN

Once the first quarter ended neither offense could really be stopped. Both of these teams have questions surrounding their defenses,

Patriots -6.5 WIN

The Texans made the game close late but this one never seemed in doubt with the Patriots leading all game by more than one touchdown.

Texans Patriots Under 50 WIN

Although the result never seemed in doubt the Patriots defense did just enough at the end to preserve this win.

49ers Vikings Over 46 LOSS

Jimmy Garoppolo struggled in this game throwing 3 interceptions including one on their final drive down 8 points. The Vikings defense did not really impress me as I think this had more to do with the 49ers struggling.

Chiefs +3 WIN

The Chiefs scored early and often and this one was never in doubt from the beginning.

Panthers -3 WIN

This was a very slow game as neither team could really get anything going. The Panthers did enough to preserve an 8 point victory after being ahead 16-0.

Cardinals -2 LOSS

Sometimes you just make a bad pick. This was one of them.

Bears Packers 1H Under 23 WIN

Ended the night with a win when these teams started slow. The second half was incredible also.

Record 9-4-1


Teaser Legs (blog posted 9/4):

Eagles +3 WIN

This one would have ended up even easier if I waited for game night when the line moved to Falcons -1.

Ravens -1 WIN

Baltimore dominated here 47-3. Nathan Peterman is trash.

Steelers +2 WIN

Clutch blocked fg in overtime to keep the game tied also preserved this teaser leg.

Saints -4 LOSS

The Saints defense did not look as good as it was a year ago. They let up a lot of big plays to an offense led by Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Broncos +3 WIN

This one never seemed in doubt. Although the Broncos ended up winning by only 3, the game never seemed in doubt.

Teasers 4-1


Overall a very solid start to the NFL Season. Week 1 isn’t over yet with two games remaining tomorrow. We will be looking to build on our early success then.

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