NFL Playoff Props: Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings – NO +185

The Vikings have had a great defense since Mike Zimmer has been their coach. They were able to display that great defense last year. After trading for Sam Bradford two years ago the Vikings got off to a great start winning their first five games and then fell apart down the stretch due to poor offensive line play. Last year they did well behind their terrific defense and their offense did well enough to be efficient and keep their defense off the field which they failed to do the year prior. Along with this Aaron Rodgers was also injured in the game he played against the Viking sand along with benefiting from a pretty easy schedule the Vikings cruised to winning the NFC north. Everything seemed to fall apart for them in the NFC Championship game. Midway through the game you could see in some of the Vikings players body language that they had given up. They brought in the most highly regarded free agent QB in Kirk Cousins to try to improve their offense. Kirk Cousins, although efficient is still pretty overrated. His one season making the playoffs the Redskins went 9-7 and had a very easy schedule. I do not see him leading this team to the playoffs. The Vikings were able to take teams by surprise last year. They will not have that same benefit this year and should see a sharp decline. After the way they lost in last year’s NFC championship I can not see the Vikings being a playoff team again this year which is why I like the value of this choice.

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