NFL Playoff Props: Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions – YES +250

The Lions have a reputation as a very underwhelming team. The public is usually down on them year in and year out. This year is no exception as the Lions have very low expectations. They brought in new head coach Matt Patricia who is defensive minded and should help with their problems on that side of the ball. On offense they are very talented with QB Matt Stafford surrounded by WRs Golden Tate, Marvin Lewis and Kenny Golladay. Along with them the Lions also signed RB Lagarrette Blount and drafted RB Kerryon Johnson. Blount was a key factor in winning back to back Super Bowls for two different teams. He is a very strong running back that wears defenses down as the game goes along. He runs for a lot of tough yards which allows the clock to keep running and the defense to stay on the sideline. He is the perfect compliment in any RB committee. With Theo Riddick and Ameer Abdullah also, the Lions have a very solid running committee. They will surprise people this year and maybe even win the division in what I am anticipating to be a down year for the NFC North. 

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