NFL Playoff Props: Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons – NO +115

The Falcons are fresh in the public’s mind after having a high scoring team come so close to winning the Super Bowl two years ago. After offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan left last year, their offense did not perform as well. The team also seemed to have lost a sense of urgency. It seemed early on they were not interested in the regular season after such a heart breaking loss in a big moment. They looked like a team that figured they could turn it on at any moment and that they already deserved to be in the Super Bowl. Barstool’s Big Cat put it best when he would say satirically, “we haven’t seen the Falcons play their best game!” which was really the truth all season long. I can see the Falcons regressing again this year and being mediocre. I have no evidence to back any of my claims but they seem like a team that is internally dysfunctional and is not on the same page. This is not something I would bet a lot on but the price shows that the same sentiment is shared by others.

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