NFL Playoff Props: Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals – YES +475

The public is very down on the Cardinals this year. A lot of the reason is they are not in a major media area like New York or LA. They also have a reputation as an underwhelming team. They were pretty competitive last year, however. The Cardinals had a very good defense, and come back with most of that talent still intact. Their offense was held back by inconsistent quarterback play and an injury taking David Johnson out for the season in week 1. This year the Cardinals are coming back with a healthy David Johnson and signed new QB Sam Bradford and drafted QB Josh Rosen to be his understudy. Last year Sam Bradford also got hurt in week one and Case Keenum never did bad enough to warrant a QB change but never did well enough to be named the starting quarterback. The year before that Sam Bradford broke the regular season record for completion percentage with a terrible offensive line in front of him. He is coming into this season basically having rested a full season. He is still very accurate and is surrounded by weapons with the aforementioned David Johnson, veteran WR Larry Fitzgerald, and athletic TE Ricky Seals-Jones. The Cardinals will be a team to surprise people this year and should contend with the Rams for the NFC West division. I love the price of this pick.

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