Drafting A Great QB Late

People tend to over-value quarterbacks in season long fantasy football leagues. Now I cannot say I have not done the same before, but what I will say is I have learned from my mistakes. Alex Smith, Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson all ended last season in the top 5 for points scored last year. This is evidence toward the fact that you can draft a very good quarterback late in your draft. Rankings will always be based on projections which are formulated on previous performance. If people knew these quarterbacks would shine they would have been drafted early. However nobody knows who exactly will be the best which is why it is best to skip QBs in the early rounds. Your best bet will always be to pick skill position players early and go for a quarterback late. It seems as though this will be a popular strategy this year, as most mock drafts are being shown with the first QBs being drafted in round 5.

This does not mean I do not think the position is very important. Having a great quarterback like Tom Brady can keep you in games all season long. Consistency is very important in season long leagues and having a great quarterback is one less position to juggle. If you value one of the top quarterbacks very highly (Brady, Rodgers, Wilson) then try to get them by round 5 at the latest. Side-note ; are people actually picking Russell Wilson? Many people are expecting the Seahawks to regress so I do not see Wilson being popular despite his high rank. It is impossible to get the rankings completely right and I know they are just rough estimates but that is a perfect example of a player who is ranked much higher than he will perform.

The following is the list of undervalued QBs I will be watching for:

Cam Newton

Matthew Stafford

Ben Roethlisberger

Phillip Rivers

Sam Bradford*

Marcus Mariota

Jared Goff


*I might draft Larry Fitzgerald and Sam Bradford and have the most underrated duo in recent fantasy sports history. The Cardinals will have a legit offense this year. Bradford is a very accurate quarterback. If he stays healthy he will have a very good almost breakout year. I would consider him a comeback player of the year candidate.

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