From Betting Casually to Professionally

Hello to anybody reading this. I would like to introduce myself as The Gambling Man 69. I have been watching and betting on the NFL for nearly my entire life. This blog is written to show you how to approach betting from a professional mindset, how to find value in the lines, and how to take advantage of the market when you can. I am not someone who will say that I am always right because the truth is far from that. However I am right enough times to have made a living doing what I am doing and enjoying my life in the process.


When you are betting you want to pick your spots based on your confidence. Vegas is very smart and they are usually not guessing when making these lines. If you are trying to bet every game, Vegas will always win. It is always a better strategy to study the game and the betting lines closely and find a line to take advantage of.


I will not only be telling you what my picks are, but I will be backing them up as well. Due to unfortunate life events no longer have the capital to bet as large as I had been able to in the past. I understand if that fact makes people not want to take me seriously. It is hard for someone who uses 50k as their unit size to trust someone putting much less on the line. If I still had that money I wouldn’t even be writing this blog though.

One thought on “From Betting Casually to Professionally

  1. Hey gambling man, I don’t pretend to understand any of this, but I can tell you are passionate. I’m just happy to have a little insight into who my mysterious barista is. And my wish for you is that the gambling Gods are always on your side — I think that’s a good thing.


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