NFC East Win Totals and Division

This Division is always interesting to me because very rarely do teams repeat as Division Champions. Since 2012 the winner of the division finished in last place in the division the year before, every year except for 2014. This includes last year’s Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. This is something I can see repeating this year as well. I do not think Philadelphia will have as great of a run as they had last year. That was a special team and that effort will be hard to replicate for a second consecutive season. Philadelphia -150 are priced accordingly, as a team coming off a Super Bowl victory, however the price indicates Vegas is not as confident in Philadelphia as they are in a team like the Patriots in the AFC East who are priced much higher at -600. The Giants +500 were a great team with an extremely stout defense the previous year. They also started last year 0-4, but could have won each game. After that things went downhill in a hurry for the Giants as they were also victim to injuries and  having a terrible head coach in Ben McAdoo. They have a new head coach, also upgraded their offensive line by signing Nate Solder to play left tackle and drafted Saquon Barkley who is expected to make an immediate impact. I see Philly having a hot start but not being able to keep it up down the stretch. The Giants should be near the top competing with them for the Division.

Win Totals:


NYG Over 7 wins, -125

The Giants are a team that is solid at each of the four pillars. [note; Every great NFL team in history has what I like to call “the four pillars”. This is a pretty old school and obvious thought process that to succeed in the NFL you need an exceptional outside pass rusher, a shut-down cornerback, an accurate quarterback, and an exceptional left or right tackle depending on where the quarterback’s blind side is (left handed would be right tackle or right handed would be left tackle). Almost every Super Bowl winning team had those four pillars] They had an off year last year. After starting 0-4 and losing 4 winnable games they kind of went off the rails and had a disappointing season. They were expected to win the NFC East boasting a stout defense from the year before. After the rough start things unraveled and they fired their coach mid-season. Although it was not the worst thing for them. They were able to benefit by drafting Saquon Barkley. They have lacked a solid running back for a long time and this will certainly help get their offense going. They also have revamped their offensive line adding All-Pro left tackle Nate Solder. Solder along with Eli Manning, Olivier Vernon and Janoris Jenkins make up the four pillars and they are all very good players. Eli should have a much better season with an improved line the addition of Saquon Barkley and a healthy Odell Beckham Jr. I see the Giants reaching 8 wins and competing for the division with the Eagles.

I am putting aside a bankroll specifically for futures, and I will describe the bet amounts as percentages in the bankroll.

the picks


1% Giants over 7 wins

1% Giants division winner

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