AFC East Win Totals and Division

It’s tough to find value in this division because the Patriots -600, have been so dominant over the past 18 years and the other teams look mediocre at best on paper. If I had to take a value pick I would go with the Jets at +1400. They have a solid defense and good coaching. If I absolutely had to pick a team to make a run at the division it would be them but it is still highly unlikely. I believe the Dolphins are overpriced because of hype and the Bills are overpriced because of their success last year. Meanwhile the Jets, although not very successful record wise, were in competitive games against a lot of good teams last year. They are a young team still learning how to win games. I see them improving this year and maybe making a run at second in the AFC East.


Win Totals:

NY Jets over 6 wins +120

The Jets are coached very well. Although devoid of talent last year they were very competitive in most of their games although only winning 5. I like this pick for the value, because I do not see them getting less than 6 wins. They are getting less attention than usual which is something that should benefit them. They should improve on last year’s record which gives the price value.


The Picks:

1% Jets over 6 wins

1% Jets win division

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